Hi all, 

As we prepare the Zeek Project content schedule for next year, we'd like to get some feedback from the community on the areas listed below. 


Interview Series - we'd like to have one interview per month - who from the NSM/Threat Hunting/Incident Responder/Zeek Community or adjacent communities/projects would you like us to interview and why.  Here's who has been suggested so far: 

 - Eric Ooi
 - Lexi Brent
 - Richard Bejtlich
 - Fatema Bannat Wala
 - Jeff Atkinson

If you would like to help with this series, please let me know. 


Topics of interest that have been suggested: 

 - How to's - Installing Zeek (Ubuntu, CentOS, Fedora, Debian, BSD), 
 - Getting started with Zeek Logs (More details about using the logs in your SIEM.  Suggested SIEMS include - Elastic, Humio, Splunk, Raw logs)
 - Upcoming Releases and how to test them
 - More posts about the upcoming changes and details on the point releases and fixes
 - New additions to the documentation
 - Quarterly reports on the Project

If you have suggestions for other topics, again, please let me know. 


Guest Bloggers

Who would you like to see blog posts from and what would you like them to cover. 



Next year we would like to have 2 Zeek Related webinars per month. 

For February, March and April of 2021 we are going to do one per month in the European Time Zone and one that is US centric to see what participation looks like. Topics include those that are listed above and also various panel discussions. 

Please let me know if you are interested in leading a webinar and what your topics of expertise are.  Also, if there is anything you would like to see cover that is not listed please let me know that as well.  

Please let me know if there is other content you'd like us to cover that I haven't included above.

Thanks in advance!