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we could just point at our CI? That'd be Dockerfiles for anything
Linux and prepare.sh for FreeBSD and macOS. The benefit would be
that we'd maintain this in one place only. We could invest a bit of
time in documenting the Dockerfiles/prepare.sh scripts so they
explain these?

Yeah, agree, that sounds better than maintaining the information separately.

:) -- yes, I mislabeled that one. I actually meant to say
"Maintenance Updates". Fixed in the wiki page.

Perfect. :).

I'm definitely not the expert here but it all looks like Catalina
with varying additions:

Yeah, I saw that, but not sure if that means they are actively removing older images. I'll see if I can find out.

Btw I didn't include anything about architectures ... for Debian 9
we currently have a 32-bit container, for some other platforms those
are still available too. Do we still care about 32-bit?

Limiting to 64-bit seems fine to me for our current CI platforms. I'm wondering about supporting ARM (32- & 64-bit for Linux, 64bit for future macOS), but looks like CI doesn't support that yet either way: https://github.com/cirruslabs/cirrus-ci-docs/issues/218


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