Thanks so much for tidying things up, Christian!

I’m really glad to see the new policy taking shape. 👏

One more thing besides available C++ features worth tracking is CMake availability. In the CAF CI (Jenkins), I’ve made all the various compiler and CMake versions used throughout a build available as artifact. Still work in progress, but this is the current list for the Docker images (the Linux versions currently listed in the Zeek Wiki minus Fedora 33):

Clang 7.0.1
Clang 8.0.0
GNU 10.2.1
GNU 7.3.1
GNU 8.3.0
GNU 8.3.1
GNU 8.4.0
GNU 9.3.0
GNU 9.3.1


I’m a bit sad to see CMake 3.5 still around (released in 2016). Anyway, "it is what it is”. Versions to watch out for in particular IMHO are 3.12 (allows target_link_libraries for object libraries) and 3.15 (introduced FetchContent).

In any case, might be worth tracking the current lower bound for CMake and library dependencies (like OpenSSL) to know when it’s safe to drop existing workarounds or start using new features. Not sure if Cirrus CI can collect data from all builds for providing a single artifact, but otherwise one could provide a script to combine the individual artifacts locally via curl or some other means.

At least CMake 3.5 seems safe as minimum requirement in Zeek/Broker for now. Already a step up from the current 3.0 dependency. 😉


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